Roto Grip Haywire

What can I say when I heard about this ball I couldnt wait to get one. I drilled it 50 x 4 3/4 x 35 hole down which happens to be the same layout as my Disturbed.  This ball uses the same core as the Disturbed with the Hyper Cell cover (2 of my favorite balls). What I see out of this ball is more mid lane and more back end than my disturbed but not out of control. This ball will easily have a sister or 2 drilled and in the bag I like the motion that much. This is going to be my go to ball pretty much on everything except the short patterns. This ball is good scary good. OWN IT

Storm Sky Rocket

Well I wasnt sure where this ball would fit into my bag becasuse I already had my Rocket for my move in and throw it right type ball. I drilled it using 65 x 4 3/4 x 45 layout. Well i was wrong and now I have 2 move in and throw it right balls when they break down. For me this ball was cleaner and more down the lane than my origanal Rocket. Although I dont see this type of conditions very often I think with a touch of surface maybe 3000 by hand I will be able to use this ball 2nd maybe 3rd game of league and stike a lot with this ball.  Colors on this ball are awesome and the reaction is even better.

Storm Optimus Solid

Anyone looking for a ball to control the lane on a medium to a longer pattern will be very impressed with this ball. I used 50 x 4 5/8 x 45 with a small hole down layout for this ball. It is the same layout I have on my Marvel S. I have used it on a couple of medium and longer Sport Shot patterns and find this ball to be really controlled on the fresh. This ball gives me a nice read in the midlane and good control off the back of the pattern which is a nice compliment to the Marvel S which for me tends to be a touch cleaner and more down the lane. This ball also takes to surface changes very good to help dial in the exact reaction you need. Pick yourself one up today.

Storm Ride

Well this ball saved my league season. Although just a house shot that in the past couple of years I have bowled pretty well on this past season I just didnt have the right combo until I drilled up this ball. I used my trusty 60 x 4 5/8 x 40 layout. This ball allowed me to stay right longer than anything I had before and man did this ball strike. As long as I didnt just jam in right into the dry this ball really didnt over react to the friction at all. It gave me a smooth reaction all the way down the lane. I look forward to using this ball on some short patterns as well with maybe a touch of surface on it. For anyone that is bowling on something beat up this ball is really good.

Storm Rocket

After I heard about this ball coming out I dont think I was ever more excited about a ball than this one. Drilled it as soon as It came in. I went 50 x 4 3/4 x 40 for the layout. Kinda my favorite layout. First time using it was on a house shot. I usually start with my Optimus but I wanted to get some games on this ball to see where it might fit in my back. All I can say is this ball is really clean and really gets around the corner. First game this ball was to much backend but still found a way to shot 250. Once the lane settled down this ball was money. Very easy to read the motion. I didnt think it was supposed to be a skid flip ball but it sure looks like it to me.  I will be able to go to this ball easily after my optimus starts to get weak down the lane. By far going to be a favorite in my bag.

Roto Grip Hyper Cell Skid

I have a tendency to not dril to may asymmetric balls but do to how much I liked the Hyper Cell I went ahead and drilled the Skid. The layout I used was 55 x 4 5/8 x 40. All I can say is I am glad I went ahead and drilled this ball. Man does this ball wheel in the backend of the lane. I actually found it to be to much ball down the lane so I put a light 4000 scuff to it to help slow it down some and WOW did this ball come to life for me. Gave me the look I need when the stronger solid balls start to burn up I can make a small move in and just let it go. Most of the games I have used it on have been on house shots but I am looking forward to using this ball in tournamnets also. This is a must have ball.  Roto Grip OWN IT.

Roto Grip Unhinged

I was excited about this ball after throwing the hysteria and finding that ball to be really quick to respond to the friction. Although the Unhinged is a pearl for me it was smoother down the lane than my Hysteria.  The layout I used was 65 x 4 1/2 x 45. This ball quickly found a spot in my bag.  For me this ball is nice and clean through the front part of the lane but also has a good controlled movement down lane. I find myself using this ball when the lanes start to hook and I need to have a control of the back part of the lane.  This ball is another winner from Roto Grip.


Storm IQ Tour Nano

For me I could not wait to get this ball drilled. The IQ tour is easy one of my favorite balls ever having drilled 7 of them. I again used one of my favorite layouts 50 x 4 3/4 x 40 small hole down. This is one of the first 14 # balls that I have drilled for myself. This ball is going to be a winner. Stronger mid lane and back end motion than my IQ Solid. Great compliment ball. This is going to be my go to ball on a fresher pattern. There will be a couple more of these balls in my bag.

Roto Grip Hysteria

The layout choice for this ball was one of my favorite layouts. I went 55 x 4 5/8 x 40. What surprised me the most about this ball was how easy this ball went through the front part of the lane and then the motion it made down the lane. Very surprised for a solid covered ball. I didnt get a lot of games on this ball due to a hand injury. I have however ordered a 14 # and will be drilling it ASAP and adding to this blog. I feel from the short time I used this ball it is a must have.


Roto Grip Outcry

I again was very interested in this ball. I loved my uproar and felt like this ball was going to be a good fit for me. The layout I used for this ball was 50 x 4 3/4 x 30 small hole down. What I really liked about this ball was it didnt respond to the friction as quick as the uproar. I was able to keep this ball in front of me longer. If I needed more backend I would go to the Uproar from here. Really good control ball.