Roto Grip No Rules Pearl

I drilled my No Rules Pearl 65 x 5 1/8 x 45.  This puts the pin just above my middle finger and the MB just at and to the right of my thumb.  In the past I have had trouble with asymmetrical balls reading the mids to much and not doing what  I was looking for down the lane and thru the pins.  Not the case with this ball. I was very happy how well the ball went thru the front part of the lane and didnt over read the mids for me and pretty much did exactly what I was looking for in the back ends and man does this ball hit and hit hard.  I have only used it on a house pattern so far but it has becaome one of my favorites when I have to start to open up my angles. When the pattern allows you to open up and get it to the friction give this ball a chance you will not be disappointed at all with you choice.  Roto Grip OWN IT.

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