Hustle P/R/O

The Hustle is Roto Grips new balls in the HP1 series. These balls fall into there entry level performance category but dont let that fool you. There is alot of ball with these 2 new releases. The second ball in the series is the P/R/O ball which is 2 parts solid and 1 pearl and is still a hybrid cover. I drilled this ball 60 x 4 x 40 with a hole on my axis. I was again amazed at how this ball not only read the mid lane but really made a great move down the lane and really hit hard. To seperate out the 2 balls some I hit this ball with 3000 abralon and man did this ball come to life and was a great compliment to the other one. I have only tested it on fresh house so far but this ball will be in my tournament bag. With surface read the mids even better and still hit. These balls are a must.



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