Roto Grip Hustle S/A/Y

The Hustle is Roto Grips new balls in the HP1 series. These balls fall into there entry level performance category  but dont let that fool you. There is alot of ball with these 2 new releases. The first one i drilled was the Hustle S/A/Y which is a hybrid cover 2 parts pearl and 1 part solid.  I drilled mine 50 x 4 x 65 with a small hole down. I first used this on a house pattern and was very impressed with the motion on the lane. The ball was pretty clean and made a great move at the end of the pattern and really hit hard. This ball should be a good 3rd game ball for me in league.  The second time I used it was on the 3rd squad of Route 66 on old wood. This ball allowed me to move way in to the 5th arrow and was very clean and did exactly what i needed down the lane and still got it to hit even with me throwing 14#. Ended up shooting 671 and then made the TV show for our local Beat the Champ using this ball on TV for the win.



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