Roto Grip All Out Show Off

Again a must anticipated ball. I love the Show Off. I drilled my All Out Show Off 55 x 4 3/4 x 40 small hole down.  Just like the Show Off this ball is a lot of ball at this price point. Very clean and a lot of punch down lane.  I bowl a 2nd shift league and this ball has been money in this league.  Gets down the lane perfect and makes a great move and oh by the way this ball really hits like a Tank.

Roto Grip Dare Devil Danger

Since I have really loved the Dare Devil Pearl and the Dare Devil Trick I was really looking forward to this ball.  I drilled my Danger 60 x 4 3/4 x 35. Again what can I say what a great ball. This ball is clean and strong in the backend. Perfect amount of mid lane control with a bunch of backend. Another ball that fits right where its supposed to in the line not as early as the trick and not as long as the pearl. This ball is a must in every bowlers bag.

Storm Intense

I drilled my Storm Intense 65 x 5 x 45 which is a very similar layout to my No Rules Pearl. This ball for me has been a great ball to start out the night. I can play a little further left than the rest of the team with this ball. It is strong mid lane and great back end. It is a pinch ealier than my NRP and more over all ball.

Storm MatchUp Hybrid

I drilled this ball 55 x 4 3/4 x 35. I have only been able to use this ball on a house shot so far.  Our house shot is a bit on the tighter side so for me this ball has to be used as a last game ball once the lanes break down.  Once I can use this ball man is a great piece.  Nice and clean in the front part of the lane and a good strong move down the lane.  For me it is not as early as my Match up solid and more in the mid lane and backend than my Match up pearl.  Easily one of my favorite balls for when the lanes break down.