Storm Snap Lock

All I can say so far with this ball is wow. I never had the Crux Pearl but I did have a Hyper Cell Skid that I miss placed and was looking for that kinda motion again and man did I find it. I drilled my Snap Lock 50 x 4 1/2 x 25 with a hole down. I feel this ball is going to be a great selling ball in the shop. You will not be let down by the perforance this ball gives.  I love how easy this ball gets thru the front part of the lane and then it comes alive in the mid lane and backend.  I cant wait to get some more games on this ball whether its in league or tournaments it will be with me.

Storm Rocket Ship

This Solid Rocket Ship comes a 3000 with a sheen. Not shinney yet not dull. I drilled mine 50 x 4 1/4 x 40 with a hole down.  I didnt have to much sucess with the Rocket. I did like the Sky Rocket when I had to get in and wheel it. So far the Rocket Ship is a beast of a ball. For a solid cover it is very quick respose for me.  So far I have really only used it on a broken down 39 foot sport pattern but man does this ball have a motor in it.  I think this is gonna be a ball that will be able to be used by multiple styles and conditions. I will have more than one in my bag.  Time to stop in and get yours today.

Storm Match Pearl

This ball is the sister ball to the Storm Match. The Match Pearl come with a polished finish.  I drilled mine 55 x 5 x 40.  The condition I find this ball is best on is when the lanes are getting touchy in the fronts and you need a ball to get down the lane but not go sideways.  Now this ball is pearl and is a little sesitive to the friction but with a slight scuff at 4000 it really helped me use this ball were maybe I would usually have to go to my Hectic and sometimes the Hectic is to much mid lane and backend. This ball is a must in my bag and should be in yours also.

Storm Match

This ball is a new addition to the Ride and Joyride line. The Match is a solid ball that comes 2000 out of the box.  I drilled mine 55 x 4 1/2 x 45 with a small hole down. I have mostly used it on house patterns and find for me it is a ball I can use when the lanes start to break down and I need a ball that is cleaner.  But dont be mistaken this ball still has a nice mid lane read and backend motion. I will also use this ball on some shorter sport patterns.  Another great addition to the Storm line.