Roto Grip Hywire

I drilled my Hywire 65 x 4 3/4 x 70. Based on how much I liked my Haywire I was really looking forward to this ball. Again another ball that didnt disappoint.  Very clean thru the front and great backend motion.  This ball is going to be a great addition to my tournament bag. Perfect ball when the lanes start to break down and you need some length and backend.  If you have a haywire and it starts to burn up having a Hywire will allow you to stay in the same part of the lane and get that extra length and backend you are looking for.


Roto Grip Own It

Storm Alpha Crux

I drilled my Alpha Crux 55 x 5 x 40. Out of the box this ball was a bit strong so I took the shell to 3000 and all I can say is WOW. I have used this ball on several different shots and I have yet to be disappointed.  If you have oil this ball loves it. Very versatile ball. Easy to read and strong mid lane and continuation down the lane.  This is a must ball for the tournament bowler .

Storm Fight

I drilled my Fight 65 x 4 5/8 x 70. I first used this ball on a house shot and was really surprised at how clean this ball went thru the front part of the lane and made a great move down the lane and man did this ball go thru the pins. After using this ball a couple other times I drilled another one. The 2nd one I drilled was 55 x 4 1/2 x 40 with a small hole down.  This ball picked up the lane earlier and gave me much more control down the lane. These 2 balls have become my favorites. If you like the IQ tour you will love the Fight.

Storm Phaze

I drilled my Phaze 50 x 4  3/4 x 40 with a small hole down. I first used it on a house pattern and found it to be a little touchy. I then hit it with a 3000 pad and loved the reaction. This ball started to come to life with 3000 on it. Great mid lane and nice motion down the lane.  If you are looking for a great control ball this is the ball for you. I am looking forward to using this ball on some tougher patterns