Roto Grip Hectic

I drilled my Roto Grip Hectic 50 x 4 5/8 x 45 with a small hole down. All I can say is WOW this ball has a lot of back end. This ball is a great later block ball for me. When I need to open up the lane and use the friction down the lane man does this ball shine.  This ball is very angular.  I feel this ball is a must for the tournament bowler.                     ROTO GRIP #OWN IT

Roto Grip Critical

I drilled my Roto Grip Critical 55 x 4 7/8 x 40. Based on how much I liked my Haywire I was really looking forward to this ball and boy was I not disappointed . This ball is scary good. I find this ball to be cleaner and more down the lane motion than my Haywire. I have mostly used this at the one center that has a little heavier house shot pattern. If you are looking for a ball that has a great mid-lane read with a great continuation down the lane this is the ball for you.  ROTO GRIP #OWN IT

Roto Grip Eternal Cell

I drilled my Eternal Cell 55 x 4 3/4 x 45.  So far I have only had a chance to use this ball on a house shot but this ball has quickly become one of my favorite balls.  I really like how clean this ball was and how great a move this ball makes off the back part of the lane.  For a solid ball it sure clears the front part of the lane with ease and makes a strong back end move and has tremendous pin carry.  Another great ball from Roto Grip. #OWN IT