Roto Grip Menace

Well again as I have said in the past asymmetric balls have not been the best for me but it seems like since I have dropped down to 14# they have fit into my bag better. I drilled my Menace 50 x 5 x 40. For me this ball is a good readable mid-lane control ball. I have found on a little bit of a fresher backend medium oil pattern this ball gives me the control in the mid-lane and backend I am looking for and still goes thru the pins.  Again tournament bowlers this ball is a must.

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Storm Lock

Asymmetric balls in the past have not been the best for me but with a couple of tournaments that I was going to bowl with a heavier oil pattern I figured I would drill this ball and add it into my tournament arsenal. I drilled my Lock 65 x 5 x 35 and I was not disappointed. Although it did not see much tournament use so far it has become my go to ball in the one league I bowl in that has a heavier oiled house pattern.  This ball is special for sure. Nice strong mid-lane read with a great move down the lane and this ball strikes a lot.  For the bowler that is bowling on a heavier pattern this ball fits the bill.

Storm Joyride

So being how much I liked the Ride so much I was very excited for this ball. I drilled it 50 x 4 1/2 x 35 with a small hole down. The past season I used my Ride pretty much exclusively in the one league I bowl in on a house shot. So I added this ball into the bag right away. Although our house shot this year is a touch tighter than last year it is still a ball I can go to in the 3rd game when the track area gets really toasty. This ball for me is cleaner than the Ride and just a pinch more in the back part of the lane. This ball allows me to stay further right than any ball I have in my bag. So if they are getting burnt up playing in I can go to this ball and know that it is clean enough to get down the lane.  As with any Storm ball this ball goes thru the pins really good.  So if you are bowling on a drier condition then this ball is a must in you bag.